First and foremost, we love trees.  That is the driving force which fuels our company.  An urban environment can present some challenges to the natural life cycle of a tree and we strive to perform work that meets the needs of our customers and their trees.

We’re a small company that works to make a small imprint – on the earth that is. While focusing on getting the job done right, we aim to reduce waste as much as possible and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  This is done by climbing trees as opposed to using boom trucks and utilizing the byproduct of our work whenever possible. Whenever possible, wood chips are delivered to urban farming projects and logs are used to heat neighbors homes.  We feel that utilizing these byproducts locally greatly reduces waste.

Silver maple, acer saccharinum, removal
Silver maple (acer saccharinum) removal on a beautiful day in South Minneapolis

Our team also has a long history of customer service and understands the value of good service, while adhering to industry safety standards. We’re also licensed and fully insured.  Contact us for a free estimate.