We’re deeply grateful for the sensitive and skillful way you treated our beloved grandmother tree. Witnessing our old friend come down was more of an emotional experience than we were prepared for, but it helped tremendously to know how much you love and respect trees. It was amazing to see the art, science, and technical skill involved in cutting down a huge old elm! You and your crew worked together tirelessly to accomplish a monumental and dangerous job. Plus, you made sure that the logs would be put to good use in the community, for heating homes in the winter. You truly live up to your name: “A Full Circle Tree Care Company,” and we whole-heartedly recommend you to our friends. Thank you!

Liz T.


I hired Arbor Artisans because they proved to me that they knew what they were talking about by teaching me what was going on with my 50+ year old tree and taught me about trees as they did so. They also suggested things to watch out for in the future and provided me with options in their written estimate. The work itself was excellent, quick, and came in just under their estimate. I would hire them again and recommend them to anyone looking for a crew to work on their trees.

Brendan and Alex were awesome to work with. Most importantly, they had a dozen challenging trees on my property that they took down safely (in between houses with a 3-foot gap for example) and worked all day climbing high in the hot sun at a great price. They really know trees and suggested different options to protect and improve some trees and remove others, and practice sustainability with the cut wood as well finding a new use rather than discarding waste. They were very receptive to different ways I could save money, when I chose to keep the wood for myself they stacked it all for me. Not one detail I would change. Great philosophy, great work, so happy to support this team. Am now planting new trees and look forward to working with Arbor Artisans again to keep them healthy and beautiful.